The Mediation Hub

Our Mediation Hub comprises a unique range of services designed to support businesses and organisations and help them to keep conflict at bay, saving time, money and resources.

Initial Consultations

We offer a free, confidential and impartial consultation (our Mediation Clinic) at a location to suit you or your organisation. We will establish needs and recommend alternative courses of action where appropriate.

Free Mediation Clinics

We operate two types of Free Mediation Clinic:

  • Workplace: these clinics operate either on site within businesses and organisations, or at an agreed, designated & convenient venue.
  • Community: commmunity clinics operate from a variety of venues accross Merseyside, and are easily accessible.

Please see our Mediation Clinic page for further details.

Bespoke Mediation Programmes

We work in collaboration with our clients to identify areas of conflict and dispute.  We then develop a strategy, deliver the mediation process and any other supporting services that might be required, and commit to a follow-up programme to ensure that the process is successful and that long-term sustainable outcomes are achieved.

Business Support Services

We offer a range of bespoke business support services for individuals and organisations of all sizes, from sole traders and SMEs, to charities and Social Enterprises. We can work on a one-off basis, or on a more formal retainer basis.

We offer:

  • Negotiation: whether you need someone to help with negotiating better terms on your lease, or you are behind with a utility bill or mortgage, Link can help
  • Contracts, Terms & Conditions: we can help you to draft a variety of important legal documents
  • Dispute Resolution: we can, of course, also help you to resolve disputes of all kinds, whether in relation to suppliers or customers, employees or management issues, Link can help
  • Training: if you are a manager of a small business and want training in basic mediation skills, contact us today.

If you choose to undergo the mediation/ADR process, once it is complete we offer a number of support services designed to protect and sustain the agreement. We offer these services for up to twelve months after the initial mediation/ADR process has been completed.

Education & Training Programmes

We can offer skills-based training in Basic Mediation Skills, Anti-Social Behaviour and Conflict Awareness. We can also help your organisation to implement an in-house Mediation Scheme.


We work with a number of Experts the key areas of Health, Education, Law, and Finance (including Accounting). We can also recommend alternative courses of action should this be appropriate.

Don't let disputes cost your business or organisation. Please contact us for an informal discussion about how we can help you or your organisation.