Employment & Workplace

Establishing Healthy Working Relationships

The annual cost of sickness-related absenteeism in the UK is a staggering £14 billion (CBI Absence and Workplace Health Survey, 2013).  With an ageing population and an economy that is slow to recover, this figure will rise.  Many major stakeholders have now recognised that to attain increased performance and productivity they must reconsider their approach to the ever changing dynamics of their workforce.     

At LINK Mediation we help to promote health and well-being in the workplace by helping employers and employees to resolve conflict and create and sustain productive working relationships, preventing the need for costly, time-consuming and stressful tribunals or court proceedings. We do this by working alongside experts such as health professionals in order to deliver unique, bespoke mediation programmes tailored to the needs of individuals, groups and organisations. These programmes are underpinned by extensive research, management tools and support services in order to reduce costs and expenditure, increase profits and ultimately achieve stress-free and constructive working environments. 

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